About The Bellas

The Bend Bella Cyclists is a 501(c)(7) not-for-profit women’s cycling club with over 200 members.  Dues are not tax deductible.  Our mission is to provide Bend women with a safe, enjoyable, and supported cycling club. 

We strive to enhance every member’s confidence, knowledge and skills through weekly rides, camaraderie and the promotion of a healthy life style.

We are committed to the lifelong cycling journey.

Picnic 2021

Executive Committee 2020

President: Marsha Wolfson

The President provides leadership and direction to the club.

Administrator: Moe Slator

The administrator collects dues and pays the bills.

Webmaster: Susanita

Tech support is there to keep the website and meetup running smoothly.

Rider Development and Safety Coordinators: Michele Briggman (MTB/Gravel), Mary Fajer (Road/Gravel)

Want to lead a ride for the Bellas? Our rider development liaison can help you get organized.

Social Events and Hospitality: Kelly O'Neill and Connie Axelrod

The Bellas host a number of social events every year, including the Spring kick-off party, the end of season party, and the Christmas party.

Ambassador: Kim Leahy

The Bellas is a group of like-minded friends. When one of the Bellas is sick or injured our ambassador provides helpful outreach to the Bella in need.

Retail Coordinator: Vacant

The retail coordinator identifies and organizes the purchase of Bella "stuff": bike jerseys, vests, socks, buffs, arm warmers, luggage tags, coffee cups. Some of the Bella logo products are awarded to ride coordinators, others are available for purchase.

Membership Outreach: Mimi Graves

Interested in learning about the Bellas? Contact the membership outreach liaison. If she can't answer your question, she'll find someone who can.


For any inquiries please email: