About The Bellas

The Bend Bella Cyclists is a not-for-profit women’s cycling club with over 200 members.  Dues are not tax deductible.  Our mission is to provide Bend women with a safe, enjoyable, and supported cycling club. 

We strive to enhance every member’s confidence, knowledge and skills through weekly rides, camaraderie and the promotion of a healthy life style.

We are committed to the lifelong cycling journey.

Picnic 2018

Executive Committee 2019

President: Janice Adair

The President provides leadership and direction to the club.

Administrator: Moe Slator

The administrator collects dues and pays the bills.

Tech Support: Susanita

Tech support is there to keep the website and meetup running smoothly.

Rider Development: Amy Brannan

Want to lead a ride for the Bellas? Our rider development liaison can help you get organized.

Social Events and Hospitality: Kelly O’Neill, Connie Axelrod and Kelly VonRuden

The Bellas host a number of social events every year, including the Spring kick-off party, the end of season party, and the Christmas party.

Ambassador: Kim Leahy

The Bellas is a group of like-minded friends. When one of the Bellas is sick or injured our ambassador provides helpful outreach to the Bella in need.

Community Outreach: Vacant

The Bellas has an active membership that enjoys giving back to the community. Bellas have volunteered their time for other nonprofits such as Santas for Seniors, Fences for FIDO and the Central Oregon Trail Association (COTA).

Membership Outreach: Mimi Graves

Interested in learning about the Bellas? Contact the membership outreach liaison. If she can't answer your question, she'll find someone who can.


For any inquiries please email: