Rider Responsibilities

  1. Sign up for the ride on Meetup
    • Pick an appropriate ride for your skill level and read the entire description.
    • If you cannot make the ride, please cancel and give and much notice as possible so someone else may be able to take your spot.
    • Provide your cell phone number and an emergency contact (name and phone number) to the ride leader.
  2. Download the ride to your device.  Bella rides are ‘no drop’.  The plan will be to ride as a group and to not lose anyone, but you should be prepared to navigate on your own if necessary.
  3. Be on-time for the ride.  Many rides will give an ‘arrive by’ time and a ‘roll’ time.  If only one time is stated, assume that time is the ‘ready to roll’ time and arrive earlier to allow time to prepare for the ride.
  4. Helmets are required on all rides.
  5. Bring plenty of water and a snack.
  6. Bring a tire pump, tools, and a spare tube.  Your ride leader is not your bike mechanic.  Everyone on the ride will be as helpful as the are able to assist with mechanical issues, but you are responsible for your own bike.
  7. Bring a small first aid kit.
  8. Carry some cash and some identification.  Also bring your health insurance info.
  9. Make sure your bike is in good working order before you show up for the ride.
  10. Ride safely and follow the etiquette rules.
  11. Be courteous and kind to your fellow riders.
    • No headphones, no phone calls, no music, etc..
    • Respect your fellow riders time and agency by not holding up the group by stopping too frequently for pictures, texting, extra wardrobe changes, etc.
    • Be supportive of others.  If you see someone who is having trouble, offer help or notify the leader/sweeper.