Ride Planning

  1. Plan your route using RidewithGPS or select one of the routes from the Bella’s route library. It is best to pick a route that you are familiar with and have ridden previously.
    • If you create a new route in RidewithGPS, be sure to save it to the Bella route library (as PUBLIC) so that other Bellas will be able to download the route.
  2. Create a meetup event. The easiest way to do this is to copy a prior event that is similar to yours. Provide a good description of the level of the ride, the distance and elevation gain, the pace and any additional information that will be useful to the riders.
  3. Communicate with the riders if anything changes prior to the ride. This could be a cancelation or time adjustment due to adverse weather conditions or smoke or any other reason.

Day of the ride 

  1. Arrive 15 minutes or more before the ride. You may need more time to complete the pre-ride discussion, safety check etc. before the roll-out time.
  2. Carry contact information – Create contacts in your phone or carry a paper with the contact information for all the riders. You may not have cellular coverage to get the information from Meetup if needed on the ride.
  3. Conduct a pre-ride meeting
    • Introduce yourself and the sweep (if there is one). Have everyone introduce themselves.
    • Check for helmets (lights, mirrors for road rides)
    • Describe the ride and what to expect for pace, regroups, etc..
    • Safety briefing. Remind riders to ride their own ride; no peer pressure to attempt any obstacles that they are not comfortable with; live to ride another day and injuries can put a damper on the day and the rider’s season.
  4. Start on time. (Within reason). Riders are expected to arrive on time and be ready to roll by the posted start time.
  5. Keep the advertised pace – As described in the Meetup. This could be specific like ‘Average 12 mph over the 25 miles’, or something less specific like ‘relaxed conversation pace’ or ‘brisk pace’.
  6. Interact with the riders in a friendly and professional manner
  7. Make sure everyone makes it back to the ride start (no dropped riders).  Any rider that is not able to continue on the planned ride (laboring, injury or mechanical) must be accompanied by another rider back to the start.
  8. Regroup at intersections. For a ROAD ride, this should mean regrouping on the OTHER SIDE of the intersection so drivers are not confused as to your intention.
  9. Be prepared to handle an incidents/accidents – Notify [email protected] of any incidents with details of what occurred, etc..
  10. Reflect positively on the Club
  11. Take a group photo.