Bella Ride with GPS Club Account

Bella membership includes access to the Bend Bella Cyclists Ride with GPS (RWGPS) club account.  The Club account includes a comprehensive database of rides, both mountain and road.  Club rides are stored in the route directory and may be pinned to a member’s regular account.  You must have a personal RWGPS account to join the club account but your personal account can be a free account.  Rides stored in the Bella club route directory will have all the features of a paid RWGPS account including turn by turn instructions.  The club account can also be used by members to create their own routes to be saved in the route library.  Ready to get started?

Just a warning … some of the menu options on RWGPS have changed since these tutorials were created.  For one, it’s not as easy to navigate from club account to your personal account as the videos imply.  Try logging out of the club account to get back to your personal account.  If you’re still totally frustrated send an email to [email protected] and someone with experience will talk you off the wall.  Below are some more tutorials.

Learn more about using turn-by-turn navigation with club routes and the RWGPS free mobile apps for iPhone and Android.  Ever wondered what the difference is between a “pinned” route and an “offline” route?  Not hearing the ride cues … this tutorial will walk you through the steps to make sure your phone is set up correctly.

Still a pen and paper girl? Learn how to print PDF maps and queue sheets for club routes.  Use a paperclip to pin the route to your gear cables … the old fashioned way!

Using the route planning tool to create a route is as simple as using google maps to plan a car trip.  This tutorial shows how to create a road route.  You can also use this tool to create an off-road route but you have to be more careful to keep the route on the trail and not let it navigate to a road.

This option is only available if you took photos on your ride with your phone.  But assuming you did here is a novel way to share your ride on Facebook.  It’s called Postcard.  It creates a postcard of your photos as well as details of the ride.  Try it out!


Most frequent questions and answers

Only if you have a premium account.  If you download a RWGPS route which is does not say “by Bend Bella Cyclists” and you only have a free (not premium) RWGPS account you won’t be able to hear turn by turn directions or any other premium features.

There are several ways to do this but here is one way which works.

Quick steps on getting a route into your Club account:

1. Copy the route URL on your computer: (example********)
2. Log into your Club account (yellow menu bar at the top)
3. Paste in that route URL
4. Click ‘Copy To My Routes’ from the More dropdown menu.

This will place an identical copy into your Club account, ready to go for Club members.