FAQs About Coordinating a Ride

Most frequent questions and answers

Who can coordinate a ride/event ?

In the Bellas, anyone can coordinate a ride.  Wish the Bella’s would offer more rides and more options? Perhaps on weekends, evenings, or a time that would better suit your schedule?  It’s fun and easy to coordinate a ride! Instead of riding solo, post your ride on Meetup and see who shows up. It’s a great way to get out on your bike plus meet other riders.  Need help?  Contact the Bella Ride Coordinator, at [email protected].  She’ll walk you through the process.

How do I post on Meetup ?

Posting on Meetup is easy.  On the right-hand side of the Bella Meetup page click “Create an Event” and fill in the form.  Better yet, copy a previously posted event and edit it.  There are certain paragraphs we like to include on each listing … about liability and such. If you still need help, contact the club at [email protected] and someone more tech-savvy will help you out.

How do I determine the ride level ?

The Bellas maintains a database of road and mountain bike rides in the Ride with GPS club account.  As a member, you will have access to this database.  All Bellas are able to download club rides to their phone or Garmin device which includes turn by turn directions. Rides are classified by type of ride (road, mountain, gravel) and difficulty.  For more information on ride classifications click HERE.

Do I need to be the fastest rider ?

The ride coordinator does not need to be the fastest rider.  Many ride coordinators “lead from behind.”  The ride coordinator determines where and when the ride will start and end, provides the Ride with GPS route link, and maintains the list of riders and contact information.  

Are men allowed on rides ?

The Bellas is a women’s bike club.  However, several members host Bellas & Fellas rides.  Your fella can coordinate part of the ride, letting you ride at the pace you prefer. Let him buy you lunch after.

Are non-members allowed on rides ?

Due to the ongoing COVID crisis we are not allowing non-members on any rides or events.  This restriction may change in the future.