Ride Classifications

Ability level (both road and mountain biking)

  • Beginner: little to no experience (road and MTN)
  • Easy Rider:  slower pace, more stops, and shorter mileage.
  • Advanced Beginner: gaining experience with longer distances (road) with some elevation gain and single-track trails with minimally technical terrain (MTN) such as small rocks and/or tree roots.
  • Intermediate: able to ride moderate distances (road) with increased elevation gain and loss, and over moderately technical terrain (MTN) including uphill climbs, downhill descents, and some switchbacks.
  • Advanced:  able to ride longer distances (road) with more significant elevation gain and loss,and over more technical terrain (MTN) that will include larger and/or more frequent trail obstacles, tighter turns and greater ascents and descents.

All riders have an obligation to the ride coordinator to let her know if they are leaving the ride. Bella rides are “no drop” rides. No one will get left behind unless they choose to cut a ride short, want to go faster than the group or take a different route. When you leave the group, you are on your own.

Current membership and a helmet are required to join our rides. All Bella members are encouraged to suggest a ride, either road or mountain.  As a ride “leader”, you need only be willing to organize the ride, including starting place and time, and know the route or trail.