Posting on Meetup: Guidelines

There has been much controversy over what an individual Bella can and cannot post to the Bella MeetUp site. After much discussion, the Executive Committee (ExComm) agreed that: 

a.  Members are welcome to post charitable events on MU clearly outlining that participation or donations are optional.

i.  These charitable events will not be commingled with Bella events (ex: using the holiday party for gift drop-off). 

ii.  These events must include in their post that it is not an official Bella event.

b.  Meet Up should not be used by Bellas to promote their personal business where the activity or skill is directly related to the business and the funds go directly to that business.

c.  Meet Up may be used to promote an  existing business that offers a service to the Bellas at a discounted rate (ex:  Bowen, Schliebe, etc) 

d.  Events arranged by Bellas for the enjoyment of club members may be posted on MeetUp even if there are individual costs for participants (ex: Cycle Pub, Winery Tasting, Moonlight Kayak, etc).

e.  Bellas with specific skills they would like to share with other club members (ex: jewelry making, card making, etc) may also be posted on MeetUp even if there are external costs for Bellas who wish to participate.(ex:  supplies). 

i.  The Bella who posts may NOT be compensated for their time.