Mountain Biking Etiquette Rules

  1. Use a bell or whistle or call out to let other trail uses know you are coming up behind them.
  2. Yield to hikers and horses.
    • Often times, hikers will step out of trail and let you pass. If they don’t, remember that they have the right of way.  
    • When encountering horses on the trail, stop your bike and move out of the trail and away a few feet to let them pass.  Talk to the riders.  This helps the horse to recognize you as a person.
  3.  Uphill rider has the right-of-way.  Descending riders stop for others.
    • Watch for other riders while descending.  If youare on a flat section, be courteous and yield if the other person doesn’t seem to be stopping.  Let the other person know you are yielding and don’t wait until the last second.
  4. Tread on Trail
    • Don’t ride off the trail to yield.  Stop and put a foot down while keeping your tires on the trail if possible, while leaving space for the other rider to pass.
  5. Leave some space between you and the rider ahead of you.
    • Riding too close can make the person in front of you feel pressured.  Also leaving some space allows the person in front of you to get out of the way if they cannot make an obstacle.
  6. Give faster riders the opportunity to pass you.
    • If someone is on your tail and might want to go faster than you are able to ride, it’s nice to ask “Do you want me to pull over?”  or at the next stop, ask if they would like to go ahead of you.
  7. Look, Listen, Smile
    • As trail users, we rely on one another.  Have fun and keep your eyes and ears open.  Smile and say Hello! You are in one of the best mountain bike areas in the nation.