Bike Riding Checklist

A Bike Riding Checklist
by Lauren Baker, Bella Public Relations

Whether you hit the road or the trail, it’s important to bring some essentials with you beyond an extra tube or patch kit, water, and a snack.

Here are some ideas of things to add to your bike bag or pack. If other Bella’s have items to suggest, please let us know.

  • Identification: If you don’t want to bring the original, leave a photocopy of your driver’s license in your kit
  • Insurance: In the unlikely event of a medical emergency, make it easy to get coverage by keeping a copy of your insurance (medical and dental) with you
  • Emergency Contacts: While unlikely, should we need to make contact with your spouse or family, having a list of phone numbers can be easier than accessing them through your phone, if it is password protected
  • A Phone: Especially if you ride on your own, your phone may be the most powerful tool in your pack should you or another rider need help
  • Medications & Instructions: If you have life-threatening allergies or other medical conditions, carry everything you need with you, along with instructions for their use.
  • An Extra Layer: Central Oregon’s weather is so changeable, keep an extra layer in your pack at all times. Should you have to stop to fix a flat or help a fellow cyclist in chilly weather, your body temperature may plummet
  • A Whistle: While you’ll probably never need one, a whistle is lightweight, easy to pack, and could help you signal for help in an emergency
  • First Aid: A small package of bandages and a small roll of self-adhesive bandage (such as CoFlex) are really useful for patching up run-in’s with manzanita and/or lava rock