A few things every female cyclists should know

Last weekend’s doubleheader race at Alpenrose was off the charts. Maybe it was the sunshine or the incredibly fun course design, maybe it was the good company, maybe it was the smile on my face as I pedaled to the start line, or the lack of stress and pressure I put on myself. Whatever it was, I had fun – and I am going to keep on having fun.

Cyclocross is the most fun on two wheels – I am quickly remembering why!

Oh, but on to the real purpose of this blog post – A few things every female cyclist should know.

I believe there are a few bits of important information that should be included with the purchase of every pair of cycling shorts and shared with every woman who makes the decision to ride her bike. Information that should be shared but isn’t, for risk of embarrassment or ridicule, or simply because the “right question” isn’t even known.

If just one person finds a bit of usefulness out of the following, I will deem it a


  • No need to wear undies with your chamois. Cycling shorts are designed to be worn directly against your skin with the mission of keeping you comfy and chafe free. Don’t mess things up putting a layer of abrasive cloth between you and your carefully engineered chamois.
  • And speaking of staying chafe free… Chamois Cream, Butt Butter, Cham Jam – whatever you want to call it, use it, every time you ride your bike. My preferred method of application is to apply a generous amount directly to my crotch region / sensitive parts, but you can also lather the chamois directly, before putting on your shorts. Either way is effective; figure out what works for you.
  • Take off your chamois as soon as you are done with your ride, race, or cool down. Do not walk around in your shorts because you think you’ll look cool. The best thing you can do is to air yourself out; pull on breathable fabric underwear and loose fitting pants or a dress.
  • Do not put these shorts back on until they have been washed! This is not optional. Do not wear dirty cycling shorts. If you have worn them, they are dirty.